More time focusing on customers by automating what is not core business.

Cloudez organizes and automates the operational activities of digital businesses, from cloud hosting to billing. You will gain efficiency and can dedicate more time to generating more revenue for your customers.

Meet the partnership

The sale is just the beginning of the relationship with your customers.

At Cloudez, we offer a platform + strategy that helps you to manage relations and serve customers.You won't just sell more, you'll sell better.


The new advantage in digital services is performance

A mere online presence is no longer enough to make you stand out. you have to be present with maximum performance. Cloudez helps your company implement the best strategy, offering quality execution and the highest online performance.


More projects with less hassles

Websites and applications go beyond programming and design. You have to make sure that it runs on the server, has the security and performance requirements, to realize maintenance and updates. Cloudez automates all this for you, from deploying to running preventive security maintenance and optimization.


Increase your Recurring Revenue projects

We help your digital business turn one-off projects into recurring revenue, not only offering hosting and maintenance automatized, but also managing receivables, non-payment blocks and automatic alerts. Financial management is also an operation and we’ll take care of that for you.


You spend more time managing than selling

We know that, which is why our support structure goes from technical operational issues to financial questions about your operation, servicing customers directly through your panel as if it were you. The program also offers strategic consulting to help you deliver and better price your digital services.


Sell more and better

With the time that Cloudez automation and customer service will save, let's think strategically together. For this, you can count on our expert consultants and validated strategies for growing companies, plus a community willing to work together.


How the Cloudez Partnership works



We select agencies in the market with high growth potential and that have the ambition to stand out in their markets.



We'll help you set up your digital company to deliver more performance through the high technology platform in hosting automation and operational flow automation.



We provide technical support and specialized strategic assistance. Technical support for your customers, strategic relationships for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why become a partner and not just a reseller?

The digital market is saturated with companies competing on price. Cloudez seeks to generate competitive differential in their partners, so we select only digital companies that offer added value over online solutions and want to be the best in their segments, not just earn small margins and deliver more of the same.

How will Cloudez support me as a partner?

The Cloudez technical team becomes an extension of your team, that is, more capacity for customer service with less effort. Also, we provide strategic support for digital companies to sell more and better, winning more qualified customers.

I do not provide digital services, can I be a Cloudez’ customer?

We operate exclusively through Cloudez Partners channels. If you are an end-customer and have a demand for development, digital services or hosting, you can contact us and we will direct you to our partner community.

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