Build, Install, Deploy and Manage your Applications in any Cloud

We help developers to improve their infrastructure by providing an intuitive and powerful cloud management tool, that happens to be an impressive automation system to building Cloud Server in a matter of minutes.

How it works

Our platform connects on your cloud provider — wherever it is — and setup everything as you defined through our dead-simple interface.

Cloudez is not a cloud image repository: our solution installs, manages and continually optimzes all your clouds during its all lifecyle.

1st Choose your favorite cloud

Choose the best Cloud Server to fit your needs from the provider of your choice, without leaving our platform.

2nd Select your applications

Websites? Emails? Domains? Get your cloud running and focus on your business instead the technical mumbo jumbo

3rd We are now connected

Cloudez connects your Cloud Server and setup all the requirements to make your work. Easy, quick, bug-free and safe.

4th Just chill out

Cloudez automatically monitors, manages and optimizes your environment... anytime you need, you can update your settings.

Easy to build, even easier to manage

Besides all the automated system, we still provide you a dashboard to quickly detect any application issue on your mult-cloud environment.

Keep all applications running smoothly and anytime you need to change something, it's equally simple.

The Power to Choose Your Favorite Cloud Provider

and if by any chance you change you heart in the future, simply build another cloud, and keep managing both. no account exchange required!

it's awesome, it's free

get started for free
You only need to pay for your Cloud Server instance

Connect the best solutions

with the best cloud providers

A multi-cloud platform, created from developers to developers

Some other stuff we think

can be handy

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Advanced settings to enhance website loading speed. Save resources, improve your SEO and User Experience.


Get rid of technicism. Anyone will now be able to manage websites, emails and domains in the cloud.


Access all information you need from your websites, domains and emails in a single pannel.


Don't waste time nor neurons. We setup everything, from the most simple, to the most complicated, automatically.


All our plans are scalable and made to fit the size of your business. Grow your infrastruture only when requred.


You can cancel our service anytime you want. No bureaucracy implied.

Lets get started!